Thursday, September 20, 2012

September/October Releases

Sept 11th
Awesome vs Pro Con 'Eyes in the Dark' remix
(Citrusonic Stereophonic)

'Eyes in the Dark' Beach Mix featuring Julyus Psypher

Sept 18th
'Number 1'
Masia One featuring Black Molly (AKA Graph Gonzales)
(Muti Music)

Sept 18th
'Make Up'
Masia One featuring Isis & Black Molly (AKA Graph Gonzales)
(Muti Music)

Mid October
'The One'
Tom Tzar featuring Graph Gonzales (Morrison Recordings)

Mid October
'Overboard' preview
Graph Gonzales

October 30th
Co write on forthcoming Esthero album 'Everything is Expensive' (Universal Music CA)

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