Monday, July 16, 2012

Stacey Mckenzie's Walk this Way

I've been a long time fan of beauty Stacey McKenzie, hadn't seen her for a while so the best thing to do was to attend her Walk This Way 'Owning Your Craft' workshop.
I've posted pics (on this blog) of Stacey as an example of what speaks to me as undeniable gorgeousness. Just as captivating as her good looks is her true self, her Jamaican Torontonian roots (brrrrapp!) and her courage in being an unconventional dish that helped to tilt the definition of Fashion Model.
She is very relatable. 
Her story parallels innocent youths wanting to be accepted by an over-hyped outside world, the struggling musician or actor dying to be seen and heard, and the ambitious worker trying to make a splash in their industry, she inspires!
Curious to see what else Stacey McKenzie will bring us in the future..Music? Clothing? The next Fashion Television?
She will probably do it all :)

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